The influence of colors on the psycho-emotional state of a person

The influence of colors on the psycho-emotional state of a person

Our eyes are able to distinguish and capture more than a million colors and shades, which, as scientists have long proven, actively affect our state of health, mood and emotions. Some colors can improve performance, others can cause a sense of happiness, joy, rest, create an atmosphere of comfort and security.

White color. It is a fairly neutral color, it causes positive emotions. The white color in the interior creates a sense of purity and harmony. He does not have to relax, but on the contrary is able to charge with cheer and energy.

Red color. The red color can improve performance and activity. His influence on a person, in comparison with other colors in the palette, is the strongest. The most favorable solution in the interior - the use of light shades of red, which exist in nature.

Green. This color very positively affects the nervous system of a person, calms, gives a sense of comfort and pacification. Symbolizes calm and freshness. Green color gives a sense of clarity, reduces appetite.

Blue. Blue is a cold color, it is able to create a business working atmosphere indoors. The blue color adjusts to calm, contemplation and prudence.

Orange color. Orange color - bright and warm, it can cause a person a sense of warmth, lift the mood, cause excitement, increase activity, create a solemn atmosphere of the holiday.

Violet. Purple color encourages activity, especially in creative personalities. In large quantities it can cause fatigue and irritation.

Gray. Gray color perfectly harmonizes with practically all colors, favorably affects a person, gives a feeling of peace and security, relieves stress, and relaxes.

Beige color. Beige color is not able to cause negative emotions in humans, it creates a sense of calm and stability.

Only the right choice of color and its good combination with other tones, will make the room beautiful and will positively affect the state of health of both the hosts and their guests.