Interior design consists of three stages:

-   FUNCTIONAL PLANNING   (20% of project cost)

  • Departure on the object, measurements of the projected premises,
  • Making TT (technical task) taking into account the wishes and preferences of the customer,
  • Re-planning of the premises (dismantling and setting-up of new wall partitions, openings, etc.),
  • Functional plan with accommodation of furniture, appliances, plumbing devices, etc.


-   VISUALIZATION OF PREMISES   (50% of project cost)

  • Photorealistic 3D visualization of the premises, which maximally shows the future interior and is as close as possible to the real picture of the still uncreated interior (4-6 perspectives on the premises),
  • Creating a VR environment designed interior with the ability to immerse yourself in your dreamy interior with the help of a virtual reality helmet. (Optional, 1-2 perspectives on the room)


-   DETAILED DRAWINGS     (30% of project cost)

  • measurement plan of the current state
  • replanning with indication of dismantling of partitions, installation of new partitions, niches, etc.
  • furniture layout plan
  • floor plan
  • plan of ceilings, with detailed cuts,
  • plan of the location of plumbing outputs,
  • a plan for placing a "warm" floor
  • air conditioner layout
  • outlet and electrical outlet layout plan
  • lighting plan and switches arrangement
  • detailed scans of walls and elements of furniture, decoration for each room in particular,
  • calculation of surfaces of projected surfaces (painting of walls, wallpaper, parquet, tile, etc.),
  • selection of materials and decors used in the project (parquet, tile, fixtures, furniture, plumbing, etc.)





 Development of sketches of appearance (photorealistic 3D visualization) of buildings, and planning of premises.

THE COST is calculated individually.