High-tech design

High-tech design

Hi-tech (English "high technology") - a style in design and architecture, the peak of "modernism", which combines strict functionality and high technology, prestige and discreet décor.

The style is characterized by the strict geometry of forms, the openness of space, which combines rationality and pragmatism in planning, the openness of engineering equipment and the set of household electronic devices.

The windows are as large as possible, no tulle and lush curtains - in the design dominated by venetian blinds, or strict monochrome and vivid curtains.

The interior is dominated by glass, plastic and metal, chrome-plated metal structures are often found, and stairs and glass elevators are taken out of the building.

Completeness and unity of style are ensured by monotonous interior colors. Zonation in open spaces can be provided by lighting, the introduction of bright colors in interior objects, for example, on a metallic background of walls, floors and ceilings, bright blue chairs behind a bar, colored fridge, bright monochromatic pillows on the couch.

On the walls you can place pictures in the metal framework, futuristic paintings. But this should not be abused.

Furniture has simple geometric shapes, combining metal, glass, light plastic or wood, light skin or leather. Often there is the use of furniture transformers to increase functionality and reduce the number of furniture items.